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If you are a digital nomad in Malaga or want to put it on your radar, you will love being a #BayWorker. This space has been created to give you the help you need before and during your stay in Malaga.

Are you a freelancer?

You can join #BayWorker if you are a person with a business project (with or without employees).

Do you work remotely?

You can join #BayWorker if you are an employed person who works remotely.

Are you an entrepreneur?

You can join #BayWorker if you are a person with a business idea not yet constituted.

Why become a #BayWorkers?

To get Information and personalized attention

You can count on us before arriving in Malaga or when you are already here.

Administrative procedures

We help you manage NIE / VISA, registration.


We help you with the reading and translation (Spanish ⬄ English) of the documents related to your administrative procedures.


We inform you about hotels, short and long-term rentals throughout the Malaga area, so you can find something according to your needs.


Malaga is the best place to grow professionally. Join the #BayWorkers community and participate in interesting gatherings, meetups and events.

Cultural & Leisure

Malaga offers you many amazing cultural and leisure activities, we will provide you with experiences with other community members.


We provide you with information about schools, university studies and all the training offered in our city. So that you find what really interests you.


Help identify office or coworking spaces.

Discounts and Advantages

Enjoy unique places and events of interest with advantages and discounts just for having registered.

Únete a #BayWorker

Join us #BayWorker

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