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Malaga WorkBay
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Are you ready to live in Malaga? Welcome!

Malaga is one of the most visited places in Southern Europe, with a unique location, Mediterranean climate, cosmopolitan atmosphere and a tremendous leisure and cultural offerings. Malaga WorkBay is a leading city and an ideal place for your professional development with everything you could ask for and the support you need to advance your profession.

MalagaWorkBay, Ilumina tu carrera profesional
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Hélène Barrès


"We decided to choose Málaga for the culture, the way of life, the climate ..."

MalagaWorkBay, Ilumina tu carrera profesional
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Eduardo Collantes


"Malaga is quite hospitable from my point of view"

Eduardo Collantes
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Alphons Gerritsen


"I think that Malaga offers many opportunities"

MalagaWorkBay, Ilumina tu carrera profesional
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Oliver Günther


“Is fantastic to work where others do vacations”

MalagaWorkBay, Ilumina tu carrera profesional
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United Kingdom

Andrew Headspeath


"Málaga has all the services you want from a big city"

Andrew Headspeath en Málaga
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The Malaga WorkBay Project

Malaga WorkBay has been created for people like you who are seeking to change their lives, seeking an experience that allows them to enjoy working in a unique setting. The priority of Malaga WorkBay is to make things easy for you, so that Malaga can become your home. We offer you various work spaces, information about the city, lodging suggestions and advice regarding all of your needs.


/Available space throughout the city

Malaga WorkBay offers you twelve spaces located throughout the city’s districts that allow technological and cultural activities, or any other activities that you can develop in our coworking spaces.


/A wide variety

Malaga is your ideal destination, a place where you can choose between urban, sea or mountain views. The capital of the Costa del Sol offers a variety of housing options where you can find all of the comforts that you seek.

Soft-landing Services

/Advice for your move

Malaga WorkBay offers support to help you move to our city and to facilitate all of the bureaucratic steps required to set up your project.


/Agreements and collaboration with organizations of your own nationality.

Malaga WorkBay is much more than just a project. We form a community that values talent, flexible working and multicultural environments, and that seeks to create synergies that allow us to grow together.

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