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Malaga, chosen by Forbes magazine as one of the best European cities to live in.

The renowned U.S. magazine, Forbes, recently compiled a list of the twenty best cities in Europe where Americans should live, work and invest.

Malaga is, “Much more than sun and beach.”

According to Forbes, this Mediterranean city meets several criteria including international schools, a good health system, proximity to airports, the cost of housing, a low crime rate and a good quality of life.

“Although Malaga is often associated with the sun and the beach, the city is much more than that,” says the magazine. The article highlights the great cultural diversity, since Malaga has “the highest concentration of museums per square kilometer in Europe”. It also emphasizes the safety of Malaga, its rich culture and of course its climate with 300 days of sunshine per year.

The magazine describes the city as “familiar”, since many people decide to retire in the Costa del Sol. “It is a tolerant city that welcomes many homosexual expatriates from all over the world,” it says.

The list was prepared by the Best European Destinations (EBD) organization, which selected the 20 best cities out of a total of 120. The publication lists diverse places such as Vienna, the Azores, Tuscany, Alsace, Braga, Hamburg and Berlin. Other Spanish cities include Madrid and San Sebastian.

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